Improvement: Red color for badge when there are active issues

This is a minor UI improvement suggestion regarding the auto-generated badge. I think it would make more sense if the right part of the badge is in red color when there are any unresolved issues and only be green when it’s zero.

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Hey, thanks for flagging this.
Would definitely look into and fix.

thanks! apparently it seems that a green/red color is set but I don’t quite understand its logic. the other day I started with >0 active issue & green, when all resolved it stayed green. today after some code changes I started with 1 active issue & red, then when all resolved it stayed red. hope it helps.

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Is it possible to send a screenshot of the badge? Either green or red is fine?
Thanks in advance

Yep, we already support red/green lines. The logic goes something like this: for the resolved issues badge, it’s always green. For the active issues one, it’s green if the number of active issues decreased in the last commit, else it’s red.

it makes sense now. thanks a lot!

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