How do I resolve Issues once fixed?

The analyzers found some rubbish, that I fixed manually, rather than Autofix. I raised a PR and completed that on the branch being analyzed.

The analyzer kicked in again … but the original issues are still reported on the Overview & Issue detail.

If I cause further issues they’re added :slight_smile: … so I can see things are being refreshed. I was expecting issues that were no longer there to be marked as resolved. I’ve been marking them as “ignore - false positive” to clear them but can’t help feeling I’ve missed a step.

Is there a way to have the issue resolution detected? Thanks

Hey Richard — the expected behavior of DeepSource is that an issue that exists in your codebase’s default branch, and is shown in the Issues tab of the repository’s page, would automatically get removed when you fix it in a PR and that PR is merged to the default branch. There is no manual step needed on your end.

I’m happy to look into this for you. Let me reach out to you by email!

Hey Richard – this was due to a bug but this has been fixed now and and now you will not find any occurrences of issues which are fixed.

Thanks to both for investigating promptly and the resolution. Much appreciated. :+1: