A new way to discover important issues, and better control over issue reporting

Introducing, recommended issues

Let’s face it — some issues are more important than others. We looked that the issue resolution pattern from our current data (fun fact: users have resolved over 2 million issues detected by DeepSource so far) and identified the most resolved ones for each analyzer. These issues are now specially highlighted in the all-new Recommended tab on the issues dashboard.

Control which issues are reported

In addition to being to control which issue categories block a pull-request, it is now possible to easily configure which issues are not reported altogether. Case in point — style issues. Developers are increasingly using code formatters to automatically format their code according to a style guideline they prefer, in which case the style issues detected by DeepSource can be less relevant. The ability to turn off style issues altogether would reduce the noise and help discover important issues easily.

Here’s to better issue discovery! :eyeglasses:

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