Coverage badge


I would like to request a coverage badge. This is especially important for open source projects.

From my PoV this is the best side of using sonar cloud - it offers really pretty great badges. For example, see the badges here: GitHub - litestar-org/litestar: Production-ready, Light, Flexible and Extensible ASGI API framework | Effortlessly Build Performant APIs

I would like to use deepsource badges in my open source projects. For that though I need to have a coverage badge.

Thanks for the feedback @Goldziher. We plan to add badges for code coverage which is tracked here -

Currently, badges are available for active and resolved issues.

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@Goldziher Code coverage badge is now available for all users in DeepSource Cloud. It will be available for Enterprise Server users in the upcoming release (Jan 18, 2024).

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