Introducing, new and improved repository badges! ✨

Badges are a great way of linking your repository’s DeepSource dashboard from your GitHub repository or your project’s homepage. Until now, our badges were completely static and a number of our users have been asking us for badges that provide better info. If you have been one of them, well, wait no more.

We have two new badges for repositories now! :sparkles:

Active issues badge

This badge shows the total number of issues in the repository that need to be fixed. Put this in your repository’s README, and it becomes an excellent way of encouraging new contributors to start contributing.

Resolved issues badge

This badge shows the total number of issues detected by DeepSource which have been fixed in the repository — aggregated over all pull-requests and the default branch. You can use this to show how actively code quality issues are resolved in the project. This can be a great way of showing how seriously you take the quality of code in the project.

How to get it?

The badges are live and kicking in your repository’s dashboard already! Just navigate to your repository’s page on DeepSource → SettingsBadges. You can copy the badge code in your favorite format — Markdown, HTML, reStructuredText, or AsciiDoc.

Add your badge to your GitHub repo and send us a link, and we’ll retweet @DeepSourceHQ!


This looks wonderful! Any plans for test coverage badges?

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Yes! We are working on badges for code coverage and other repository metrics. You can track the progress on our roadmap here.