Improve GitHub In-PR experience

What do we think about building an in-PR reporter? That’d probably be in the form of a single comment in the PR summarizing the current status of DeepSource’s analyzer (# of issues introduced / resolved) + a direct link to the PR overview. The going through the issues experience should probably still live in DeepSource for now.

My main issue with the current way of just using the GitHub status is that in order to get to DeepSource I have to click twice: the first time on “Details” in the PR screen, and then again in the “View more details on” link. It’s a small thing, but it adds a couple seconds to my workflow which is annoying when building many times.


@fanahova Sure. We post a short summary in the pull request with the summary of the changes at the moment. Do let us know what more information in this summary would make it better.

Regarding, multiple clicks in the PR workflow: Totally agree. Many users have given this feedback. Clicking twice gets annoying when done repeatedly. GitHub recommends using the Checks API which doesn’t allow us to add link to the ‘Details’ button. There is an old status API which allows this behaviour but GitHub recommends new checks API as it has more features like check retries / detailes report etc. Will explore more on this and see what we can do to improve this behaviour. Let’s keep the topic open.

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The info is all there, as you mentioned I just don’t like the fact that it’s in a different page from the PR main overview. Can we build a Danger-like experience where a bot posts a comment in the PR with a link to the page, on top of the status API? We should have the right permissions for it through the app already right?


In the initial version, we had an integration with GitHub via Review comments API and post the issues directly as inline comments to the GitHub diff view.

But this led to bad experience in the diff view when reviewing code as there is no direct way to toggle DeepSource’s comments in the view. Sometimes the issue needed pretty long description to explain what the issue is. Also, this API is very limited to show all the details of the issue (for ex: issue category, ignoring rules, reporting false positives, etc.) – which is why we want to keep these things within DeepSource so we have more flexibility.

We’re actively exploring the status API which provides single click workflow to the DeepSource issues page.

I agree that it should stay on DeepSource and not in-line; I was thinking more of something like Danger:

With the exact same info from the screenshot you sent before, but as a in-PR comment with a direct link, rather than needing me to click “Details” to see. Same experience, but one less click to get to DeepSource. Happy to mock it up for you if I didn’t explain it the right way, sorry about the confusion!


Ah. Understood. That’s neat. Now I get what you were saying in the previous comment – we already have permission to post comments in the PR. Will discuss internally and keep you posted. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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Still waiting for this, any update on it?

Hey @varora1406 I can not give a timeline but this is still in our pipeline as future improvements.

where can I track and see what is deepsource working on currently, what is available in future pipeline?

Hey Vaibhav — we do not have our product roadmap public yet. I’ve taken note of this and we’ll work on how we can give better visibility to our users about what’s coming next. You should see something up soon.

hey, i know this is an old topic, but i just found it and id love something like this. been a paying customer of deepsource for a while and its great but would like more integration within github itself, and just having a summary similar to that posted screenshot above would be amazing. just a table of rules that failed and how many issues and a link to deepsource for more info. thanks for the work you guys do!

Heyya, we have started tracking this feature request over on our public roadmap. Do share your feedback about what you would like to see the feature support over there!