Product Updates – 29 June 2021

This week multiple fixes were pushed around issues, we’ve tweaked a few of our UI elements for easier access to information.

Here are some key fixes and enhancements

  1. The issue list page on the repository would not correctly fetch the number of occurrences per category of issue, a bug also broke the way the filter states were maintained in the URL. We fixed this a couple of days ago and released it to all our users.
  2. When browsing issues on a particular pull request, some users could not ignore multiple issues using file pattern and other rules. We’ve resolved this issue, the flow works perfectly fine now.
  3. Some repository widget would show up without a value, this has been fixed
  4. The repository header shows the count of runs currently active, for some of our users this value would not reflect the actual count, we’ve updated the fetching logic for this to be more reliable. If you are facing this issue, just reply to this thread or get in touch with us on slack.
  5. A bug would not let users update some repository settings, we’ve squashed the bug and released the fix when it was first reported.
  6. A small number of users would be redirected to a 404 page when trying to log in to the app. This has been fixed.
  7. Improved sorting order for runs in the history tab

Thank you, everyone who has been reporting these issues. If you didn’t face any of these, I’m glad you had a delightful experience. If you face any issues, feel free to reach out to us through any medium you’re comfortable with. Here are a few links: