Product Updates – 6 July 2021

Hey folks, here’s all that’s new this week at DeepSource.

You can now star your favourite repositories :tada:

You can do this from the “all repositories” page, or by clicking the star on the header on that repository page. Your starred repos will be pinned on your personal dashboard. You can visit the /me page to see this in action.


The starred repositories will show up leading search results and lists across the UI.

Sidebar Updates

The sidebar has been revamped, with cleaner animations and updated layout. The new layout is space efficient, using the vertical space better to show you the right amount of information.

We’ve made the collapse sidebar button a bit more subtle, it’s still available to you whenever you want. The collapsed state of the sidebar will be persisted even when you leave the app and come back later.

Bug Fixes

  1. A bug in repository settings didn’t let admins add collaborators to their repositories, this issue was fixed and released to all our users.
  2. A small number of users were not able to login after changing their primary email on their respective VCS providers, this issue has been resolved.

We’re continuing to improve the user experience, squashing bugs and more. Thanks for all the feedback, we’re glad you are enjoying the product and really excited for what we’re going to ship in the weeks to come. Till then, stay tuned.