Platform Updates – June 2021

In the past few days, we’ve been going through our UI with a fine toothed comb to find any UI inconsistencies and fix them.

Here are some key fixes and enhancements -

  1. The session persistence has been improved on the frontend, this addresses the issue where users would log out of the app sporadically in long idle sessions.
  2. We’ve added multiple improvements and fixes to the Autofix flow, a major one that slipped through our testing was selecting files and hunks not toggling correctly in the UI.
  3. Invitation flow now shows relevant error messages for quota exhaustion
  4. Users could not create issues on their VCS providers from DeepSource, this has been fixed as well
  5. The graphs have been updated across the UI to have prominent legends for users to glance over quickly
  6. Codebase report widgets with failing numbers are prominently highlighted to draw user attention towards important metrics

We’re continuing to add more such improvements based on user feedback, we’ll keep you posted on various all community forums. If you have any suggestions for us, you can join the user slack group and get in touch with us directly