Organization Owner needed for setup?

We tried setting up DeepSource for our company, but it requires that we do so with the organization owner. Because of our security guidelines we cannot do that (no third party tool can have owner rights). We want to do this with a serviceuser instead.

Is that possible? If so, how?

Hey @Benjamin,

DeepSource uses GitHub apps for integrating with your GitHub organization. The GitHub app directly accesses resources on your GitHub organization and does not require a user’s credential to work. However, according to GitHub’s requirements, an app can only be authorized to be installed by an Owner or Administrator (ref: GitHub docs).

You can use service user or a bot user on GitHub to install the DeepSource integration, but the user account must have administrator privileges.

You can learn more about the integration in our docs.

Hi Sanket!

Sorry, I forgot to mention that we use AzureDevops, not Github. On Azure DevOps there can only be one Organization Owner.

So given that we use Azure Devops, is there a way to install it without using the organization owner account?

DeepSource integrates on the organization level, so any user who has administrator access should be able to install the integration. You can follow the steps outlined here. Please let me know if you have any other questions!