User with write access on GitHub unable to access DeepSource

Does DeepSource sync users from GitHub by default?

DeepSource doesn’t sync users from providers like GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket at the moment. They’ve to be invited to DeepSource from ‘Members’ tab of the org’s account in DeepSource dashboard.

Note that: At this time, only team owners in DeepSource can invite other members.

My teammate created a DeepSource account for our Bitbucket Private Repo. I can’t access the repo on Deep Source and he can’t see the ‘invite new member’ button


  • I have admin access to the Bitbucket Repo
  • Analyzers works in the PR and I can see the outcome.
  • When I click to see the details, I get 404 error. It works for my teammate.

Please advise.

Hey @proppy_ben,
As you mentioned that your teammate cannot see “Invite new member” button, so it seems like it’s a personal bitbucket workspace, and members can only be invited to organization workspaces! Please check the workspace type (if it’s personal or organization workspace). In case it is a organization type workspace, please share your bitbucket workspace login.

Hi @mohi7solanki, there is no option to set a Bitbucket workspace type as ‘personal’ or ‘organisation’. Can you advise where I can find such information?

Thank you.

Hey @proppy_ben,
Could you share the workspace login?
Also, if you use slack, then please join DeepSource’s user group for faster response.