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Hi all,

I’m interested in evaluating DeepSource to replace our current SonarCloud integration.

Can someone clarify if it is only DeepSource Enterprise that has the ability to integrate with Azure DevOps or can I still do it with Business edition?

Hey @Seneti – DeepSource Cloud (all plans, including Business and Enterprise) supports integration with Azure DevOps Services. Azure DevOps Server (self hosted version) is supported only in DeepSource Enterprise Server, on-premise version of DeepSource.

If you would like a trial/pilot license of DeepSource Enterprise Server, please use this form -

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions.


@jai Thanks for that information, I’m currently PoC’ing the cloud offering and link it up to my Azure DevOps environment but because I’m not the owner of the organisation, and the owner is a service account, I’m not able to complete the DeepSource installation.

The documentation link takes you, what looks like, how to connect ADS and DeepSource self-hosted.

So how do I login to DeepSource as myself, and complete this install using the org service account that is the owner?

Hey @Seneti.

This is a limitation in Azure DevOps that an Organization can have only a single Owner. And, we require the installation to be performed by the Owner since we rely on this user’s OAuth access token (after they login) to make API requests to Azure DevOps on behalf of the organization.

For DeepSource cloud, unfortunately, there is no possible workaround for this issue at this moment.

However, for DeepSource Enterprise Server (on-premise), we can evaluate supporting installation with the use of Personal Access Token (PAT). In such a case, you would need to create a PAT for a user that has ADMIN access to all organizations where you wish to use DeepSource.

If this is something you’d like to proceed with, please use this form to request a trial license of DeepSource Enterprise Server -

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Hi @eshaan, thanks for that info, so if I’m understanding correctly once the install is done by the owner, other devops users can login and will be able to access the repos etc?

@Seneti – Yes!

Once the Azure DevOps organization owner creates the installation on DeepSource, a corresponding DeepSource team gets created which maps one-to-one with the Azure DevOps organization. This user will then need to invite new users to join their team on DeepSource. The invited users can then login to DeepSource and access the team. Note that users should be invited with appropriate roles to get certain rights within the team as explained here. It’s recommended to have more than 1 or 2 admins to avoid losing access to the team.

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@eshaan Perfect, thanks for the explanation.