Monorepo integration

Hi All

I have successfully added my Azure DevOps environment, however, one of the main things I wanted to test was the monorepo integration, I’m not seeing the onboarding options to allow me to add a monorepo, is this due to the version of DeepSource Cloud I’m on e.g. the free one?

Hi @Seneti,

Support for monorepos is available in our Business plan and above (pricing).

After you’ve upgraded your workspace, you can convert an existing repository to a monorepo on DeepSource using the Monorepo mode in the settings tab. You will then be able to map sub-folders in the repository on your Azure DevOps repository to first-class repositories on DeepSource.

CleanShot 2024-03-08 at 16.48.59@2x

Please read the docs here for more information on monorepos.

Hi @sanket, thanks for the information, is it possible to get a trial of the Business Plan so I can PoC this integration?

@Seneti — Sure thing! We can set up a trial account for your team. I’ve sent you an email (the one you’ve used on this forum to register) for additional details. Let’s continue this conversation on that thread.