Introducing Auto Onboard

Hey folks, over the past few weeks, we’ve been working on making it easy for large organizations and teams to start using DeepSource. Introducing Auto Onboard, a quick and easy way to activate analysis on multiple repositories at once.

Auto Onboard lets your team set up project-specific configuration templates. Starting analysis is as simple as using the templates and selecting the repositories to be activated. DeepSource will automatically create pull requests to your repositories with a .deepsource.toml file. Once merged, analysis will be automatically activated on your repositories! (2)

This feature is only available for GitHub at the moment. We will expand its capabilities to work with GitLab and Bitbucket in the weeks to come. We are excited for the community to use this feature and are awaiting feedback from all. Our team will keep improving Auto Onboard, making it easier and faster to get up and running with DeepSource. Stay tuned for more updates.

If you have any thoughts, feedback, or ideas on improving DeepSource, join us on Slack or reach out to the team directly!