Who let the webhooks out? 👀

Over the past few weeks, we noticed an uptick in the number of teams looking for programmatic access to DeepSource. This helps them deeply integrate DeepSource into their development lifecycle. We’re slowly building towards making this possible for every team using our product. Today, we’re excited to announce our first step in that direction with Webhooks.

Webhooks are available in beta to all organizations using DeepSource across all VCS providers. You can access webhooks from your team settings page. Here’s a demo:


At the moment we have enabled only one event, analysis.updated. This event is triggered every time we get a result from one of the configured analyzers. We will soon start enabling more events as we move the feature out of beta. We’re really excited to see what teams build with this. If you build something cool, do let us know. And if you have any thoughts, feedback, or ideas on improving DeepSource as a platform, join us on Slack and reach out to the team directly!