Unable to access repositories in GitLab

I have a Gitlab account from which I have signed up & also added the groups I am part of. One strange thing is I am only able to see few repositories of that group and not every repo in the list. Also another strange thing is the repositories which are coming in the list all are updated almost a month ago.
Anything I am doing wrong?

HI @nikparmar
We are implementing a repo sync button which will allow you to synchronize repositories that are being shown to you in Deepsource with your Gitlab repositories. Expect these changes by Monday (IST).

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Thanks for the report! To add onto @aman’s answer: We have to rely on manual triggers, and can’t sync repositories automatically because GitLab doesn’t allow user activity webhooks - which could notify us when a user (or a team/group) adds a new repository.

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Hi @rahul this happened on the first time signup not like adding more repositories after signing up here. Seems to me some pagination problem also because our organization have those repositories for last 2 years which are not visible here.