Syncing Github repositories taking a very long time despite only three allowed

I have set up two of my repos in deepsource (sre-tools & py2many), and the process was painless. Each time I only added one repo to the “Only select repositories” in the Github application configuration, and then added that repo in deepsource.

I am now trying to add “jayvdb/cargo-test-xunit” . It is in the “Only select repositories” list in Github settings. There are only three in the list - this repo and the two already done.

When I attempt to add it to deepsource, the “Activate a repository” overlay says " We couldn’t find any repositories linked to this account.

Make sure to grant DeepSource access to the Git repositories you’d like to import."

There is a button to “Sync repositories”. I’ve clicked that and I’ve been watching a spinner for an hour. Process repeated to be sure it wasnt a once-off problem.

I do have 1.3k repos under my github account, mostly forks , but it shouldnt be looking through those, IIUC.

fwiw, the third repo eventually appeared.

Hello John,

I just tried re-syncing your repositories again from my end and it happened instantly. I’m suspecting that this was related to the ongoing incident at the time.

It is wonderful to see you here!


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