Slack Integration Doesn't Include Desired Channel in Dropdown

I was trying to setup the Slack integration to a new public channel that I created just for deepsource. For some reason, the UI isn’t listing that new channel in the dropdown so I can’t send my notifications where I’d like. Do we just have too many public channels and that dropdown is limited at a certain max number? What can I do to address this?

Hey @TurkeyMcGuyver ,

This shouldn’t be happening. Could you share your DeepSource team name, its VCS provider (e.g., GitHub) and the Slack channel you are trying to connect via our Support page or emailing us at Since we might need further information which may be sensitive, we would like to take this further over a private channel.

On the support page, please perform the following steps:

  1. Select the correct team.
  2. Select “Report a bug”.
  3. Fill in the details mentioned above under description.
  4. Click on “Send request”.

Our team will take it from there and get this resolved soon.

Thanks, Yash! I’ve reported a bug as requested!