Why does code coverage timeout?

I am trying out Deepsource and I would like to upload my test coverage to see what the reporting is like in the PR.

I have setup my analysers to include php and the test-coverage one. I have generated a cobertura coverage file and used the cli to push it to Deepsource.

The Github workflow even confirms it’s been uploaded, but the Deepsource code coverage awaits the file for a long time and then times out, even though it’s told me it’s been uploaded.

What am I missing? You can find the PR I am testing with over here Enabled code coverage analysis by davidyell · Pull Request #4 · davidyell/MonsterHunterDI · GitHub


Hey @davidyell,

This must be happening because of the commit OID mismatch.
We have covered this in the docs here.

Thanks Srijan, that’s great. Apologies I missed that documentation. I was looking over here Test Coverage

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No problem! Glad I could help.