Code Coverage timing out

I am pushing up a bunch of code coverage files from Github for a single PR. The analyser is receiving them but the analysis is consistently timing out. Any suggestions as to what I could do differently?

The github action file looks a little like this

 # other stuff ...

      - uses: actions/checkout@v3
          ref: ${{ github.event.pull_request.head.sha }}
      # other stuff here ...
      - name: install deepsource cli
        run: curl | sh

      - name: Unit tests
        run: pnpm run -r --filter=dotnet-sln test:unit --nowarn:CS0618 /property:WarningLevel=0
      - name: Get unit test coverage files
        run: |
          # Find all XML coverage files matching a wildcard pattern
          U_COVERAGE_FILES=$(find  $GITHUB_WORKSPACE/UnitTestCoverage/ -type f -name '*.xml')
          # Iterate over each coverage file and run DeepSource action
          for file in $U_COVERAGE_FILES; do
            echo "Processing $file"
            # Invoke DeepSource action for each coverage file
            ./bin/deepsource report --analyzer test-coverage --key csharp --value-file $file 
          done ```

The tests are running and writing to the correct directory and the upload is working with the analysis step being triggered.

as a follow up, for each file, I see the following log example
Analyzer test-coverage Key csharp Message Artifact successfully uploaded for repository flexible-forms on commit 3ca076fa6ebacaf337a46d4a935459ff090a0370. Processing /{filepathhere}/UnitTestCoverage/bf8118b3-fb00-45a7-9627-c0abc8f60094/coverage.cobertura.xml DeepSource | Artifact published successfully

Hey @stuart
This is on us. We have pushed a fix for this and it shouldn’t time out now.
Can you please try re-triggering the pipeline and see if it works?