Unable to view all introduced issues


When having a look at the issues a PR introduces (or directly going to History → select one), I can see all categories of introduced issues. But when I select one, I can only see the first few affected lines. Even if there are some hundreds affected lines, I don’t see an option to paginate through them or simliar.
Am I missing something? If not, could this be added?



Are you referring to the Occurrences page? Let me know if that’s not the case.

Either way, the Occurrences page (like all listing pages) only show 25 occurrences at a time and paginates the rest. You’ll find the page navigation buttons at the end of the list.


P.S. Occurrences page is where all the instances of a particular issue are listed. example.


yes, that’s what I mean - only I don’t see any navigation buttons. E.g. on this page, the bottom of the page looks like this for me:

I’m on Opera btw, but also tested on Chrome & Edge.

If I got it right, here’s the problem:

  1. Analysis on https://deepsource.io/gh/python-telegram-bot/python-telegram-bot/run/b3668968-db57-4119-b92e-423bac71bf4a/python shows that there are 89 occurrences of “Missing module/function docstring” Issue.
  2. But on opening the issue, I can only find 25 occurrences. There’s no way of checking the remaining 64.

Thanks for the detailed bug report and the link @Bibo-Joshi! I’ve filed an internal ticket to track this issue. I’ll update here once it is resolved.

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Seems to be resolved :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!