Integration to create a new issue in Jira from DeepSource

If I manage my project in Jira, I would like to have the option to create a new Jira issue for issues identified by DeepSource. I am thinking of a flow similar to autofix.

With a Jira integration in place, I can authorize DeepSource to my Jira project. Then, I can create an issue in Jira with one click from the DeepSource dashboard. DeepSource can then track the status of the linked issue, and closing that issue in Jira can mark the issue as resolved in DeepSource.

My guess is a similar workflow would also work for GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket issues.

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Yup. This is one of the major requests for a while now. Support for creating issues directly in GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket is in the roadmap and should be live in June, 2020. Will add Jira to the list post that.

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This has been shipped for GitHub and GitLab: Create issues on GitHub or GitLab to take action on DeepSource issues