Creating an issue on Jira fails with an error

Creating an issue on Jira fails with the error message “There was a problem while creating the issue, please try again later”.

This may be happening because you might have trashed a Jira Next-Gen project.

This is due to a bug on Jira. On moving a Jira Next-Gen project to trash, the issue types associated with that project still show up in the API response to get the issue types. This results in these issue types to show up as valid options for your Jira integration installation on DeepSource. If you select any of these issue types, creating an issue on Jira will fail.

Ways you can solve this problem:

  • In your DeepSource Jira integration settings, cycle through the issue types and select the one for which issue creation works.
  • Or, in Jira, go to your project trash and permanently delete the Jira Next-Gen Projects that caused the invalid issue types.

Here’s the Atlassian bug report about this problem [JRACLOUD-75176] Rest API shows Issue Types without scope for Next-gen projects moved to trash - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

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