Error Compiling errors in my analysis

A few days ago, the builds in my go project have been failing with an " Error compiling SCC-compile" error. It mentions a few packages, both internal as well as dependencies.

This seems like a false warning, since my project builds correctly. How can I debug this?

Thank you for reporting the issue. The issue is that we do not, yet, support mono repos that have the import path different from the repository root. We are, however, prioritising this issue, and hope to have a fix for this by sometime next week.

We have now fixed the issue. You will need to update the .deepsource.toml file to be able to use your project with DeepSource. The docs are here:

You’ll need to change two things:

  1. Add a new field import_root to the meta table of Go analyzer. If your import path is, your import_root = "".
  2. Change the field import_path to import_paths, which is an array. The value should be import_paths = [""]. You could still do import_path = "" (string), but we’re deprecating that, and would recommend using an array.

This is great, thanks for following up.

why the heck can I not start a topic…

wanna report a bug: deepsource. io /gh/jxsl13/goripr/

there is a .deepsource.toml, but the analyzer doe snot recognize it.

Hey @jxsl13, We have fixed the bug, the analysis should be active on your repository now.