How to setup .deepsource.toml for initial code analysis

I setup DeepSource on my Github. I connected it to a repo. I did create an initial file in my repo with the version number, but then I get this error:

Errors detected in .deepsource.toml. Value for analyzers must be an array of analyzer objects. Values found do not match the analyzer definition format. (Docs)

The “Docs” part links to a 404 error. I followed the instructions on and watched the video. It appears that I should be able to get an initial code analysis right away? Am I missing something, or is there a whole series of instructions I need to follow (somewhere) for creating that config file?

Incidentally, my first repo is a WordPress site, so I’m looking for a config that would be appropriate for that.


You can go to the DeepSource dashboard, and open the settings page of your repository, inside the “Configuration” tab there would be a button to Regenerate Configuration, like so:

Once you’re there, you can search for PHP, activate php-cs-fixer if you want to auto-format your code. You can also setup Excluded file patterns there, if your repository contains third party code that you don’t want to analyze. Once finished, click “Add configuration and start analysis”, like so:

This should generate a proper .deepsource.toml file for you.

If you still face problems, you can let me know.

That does seem to work, thank you!