Discrepancy between local pydocstyle and analysis result

Hi, I think there’s something off with Python documentation analysis re FLK-D202. The issue code suggests it comes from pydocstyle linter (“No blank lines allowed after function docstring”, same message and code). It’s being reported in couple places, eg bip/views.py at master · zgoda/bip · GitHub. As you can see, there’s no blank line after function docstring, although there are blank lines within the docstring itself. I’ve ran latest pydocstyle 5.1.1 locally and it does not report this issue.

Or it is some other issue, unrelated to pydocstyle?

This doesn’t look right.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice @zgoda.
I’ll post an update here as soon as this is fixed.

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@zgoda This issue was not related to pydocstyle. For some reasons, that particular issue was not synced after it was fixed. That’s why that wasn’t removed from the repository issues.

We have synced the issues for your repository manually, and now only the existing issues in your repository will be shown.

I also noticed some existing missing module / function docstring issues are raised again which you may have ignored as intentional violations.

Right now, DeepSource doesn’t remember the ignored issue occurrences. So, they popped up again after we synced the repo issues. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.
We are working on fixing this really soon.

Tip: If you don’t want those issues in your file, please consider making ignore rules. We promise we’d remember not to raise them again.
You can also keep track of the ignore rules from the settings tab.

Thanks, I wasn’t sure what was going on. Indeed, that specific issue was present in these places, I fixed it but then It reappeared again in my dashboard, pointing to a place where it’s no longer present.

Again, thank you.