Who can see my Community Support Tickets?

Hi, I was just about to create a support ticket but got worried that I might be included sensitive/private information to non-DeepSource employees.

At the top of the form it says:

This team is on Community support
Estimated response time varies based on your support tier.
Community tier support is available within our user community and officially by the team on a best efforts basis, although we cannot guarantee a response time.

So who sees these tickets?

Hey there,

Any support ticket (including Community Support tickets) you create, via the support page on our dashboard, is only accessible by DeepSource employees. You can share info you deem required in your support ticket. We recommend that you don’t send any sensitive information (tokens, API keys, etc) via support channels as they are not required for a resolution.

Note that, Community support tier limits the category of issues you can contact DeepSource with. If you would like to get support for a category that is not listed in the support page, you can post the request removing the sensitive information in this forum and a team/community member will respond back.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.