A new(ish) home for our community

We’re deprecating our Discord server and moving our community to DeepSource Discuss — right here! We wish to convert this forum into the central place where our users interact with our team members and each other, ask for help, give us feedback, and help us build the world’s best code health platform. Create an account using the “Sign up” button on the navbar to ask a question or answer one.

Our Discord server will be shut down and no longer available after 10 am PST on September 15, 2022.


We launched our community forum, DeepSource Discuss, shortly after we publicly launched DeepSource and started actively engaging with our user community. We believe that the async format, encouraging our users to ask questions in a structured way, is a great way to not only encourage everyone else to get involved but also preserve the knowledge in a searchable and discoverable manner.

Last year, however, we launched our Discord forum to experiment with engaging our community better. While the synchronous format is excellent for active discussions, we’ve now realized that it isn’t ideal for the community we’re building. In addition to the usual challenges of maintaining a giant chat room for users across the globe (such as the need for active moderation and spam & abuse prevention), the most significant problem we faced was a lack of structured knowledge sharing. A question answered for one user doesn’t benefit another user two months later.

Using DeepSource Discuss

It all starts with a new topic! If you have a question, need help, or have feedback, start with creating a topic and tag it with the correct category.

  • Help Wanted: Ask a question if you need help using DeepSource. From now on, this will be the primary support channel for users on the DeepSource Free plan. Our customer success team will closely monitor all questions in this category to help you, in addition to the active members of our community who can help with common queries.

  • General: If you have a question about DeepSource that doesn’t fit in the Help Wanted category or want to start a discussion in the community about anything related to DeepSource or code health, this is where you’d like to create a new topic.

  • New in DeepSource: Follow this category to stay updated on the new things we’ve shipped. We’re constantly looking for feedback on what we’re building, so you can comment on topics and let us know what you think.

We wish to serve our users better, and we firmly believe that moving our community to Discuss equips us better. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. We’re glad to have you here! :hugs: