Partnering with Cal Hacks for hack:now - COVID-19 hackathon

hack:now is a 36 hour global online hackathon organized by Cal Hacks to build solutions to fight COVID-19.

We’re glad to partner with them as a sponsor. The hackathon might end in next few hours, but we want to continue extending our support to help every hacker’s implementation see the light.

  • DeepSource team will continue to hangout in #sponsor-deepsource channel in hack:now Slack workspace and are available for mentorship for next two weeks for any technical help.

  • The participants can use DeepSource to self-review your code for errors such as bug risks, anti-patterns, security and performance issues. DeepSource is free to use for unlimited open-source repositories and 3 private repositories hosted on GitHub or GitLab.

  • To attract more contributors to the projects, create easy picking issues on GitHub with label good first issue and add the repository to More details here.