Improvement: Allow specifying ignore rules in config file


While the tab in the settings already gives you a good overview, I like to have everything in one place and a config file is not as easily lost :smiley: Alternatively/additionally it would be great if we could just jam a # skipcq: … to the top of a file for “ignore for the whole file”.

somewhat related: #114 (does this work here? :thinking: )

PS: I’m a little sorry for making so much noise right after getting started :grimacing: Then again, I’m very happy with how DS works so far, that’s why I’m taking the time to suggest improvements :smiley:

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Hi @Bibo-Joshi!

We are glad that you’re like DeepSource so far and really appreciate you taking out time to give us your feedback.

I understand that keeping all the issues in the config can be helpful, but we are staying away from it to keep our configuration simple.

I think we can go ahead with adding the ability to ignore issues in a file by placing #skipcq: ... with the message-ids on top of the file.

We will keep you updated.