Excluded files still getting analyzed

Similar to this question, I want to exclude some files/folders from analysis, e.g. the googletest framework code. My .deepsource.toml file is shown below, but I am seeing issues flagged on files like tests/lib/googletest/test/googletest-filepath-test.cc (which matches the glob tests/lib/**). Is is possible that test_patterns = [ "tests/**" ] is overriding this? How can I correct this situation?

version = 1

# https://deepsource.com/blog/glob-file-patterns
# https://docs.deepsource.com/docs/configuration
# https://discuss.deepsource.com/t/how-to-block-a-folder-from-being-check-for-issues/493/2
exclude_patterns = [

# https://docs.deepsource.com/docs/configuration
test_patterns = [

#name = "shell"

#name = "javascript"

#name = "python"
#  [analyzers.meta]
#  runtime_version = "3.x.x"

name = "cxx"

Hi @jacobq — apologies for the delayed response here. Are you still facing its problem? Please let me know and I’ll help you troubleshoot this!

Yes, but we are no longer actively evaluating/using DeepSource (chose to purchase a subscription for another product instead). However, if you provide a solution to this issue I will at least attempt to try it.

I’d love it if you gave DeepSource another shot!

To resolve this, I recommend removing tests/** from test_patterns and only adding the relevant directory’s glob pattern in exclude_patterns. This should solve the problem.

If it doesn’t, I’m happy to look deeper into it. Please let us know more about your context here, such as the repository’s name and your DeepSource workspace URL on support@deepsource.io.