I want to scan our source code with Deepsource

Currently, Our team will use Deepsource tool to scan our source code of Rust.

Can you give me some solutions and details?

I want to know How to scan / how to generate scan report from Deepsource?

At present, we have about 5 developers. Can you give me some information about the cost?

And I want to scan our source code through your server and got the report. Is this feasible?

Please contact with me, Thanks!

Hey @Allan,

You can sign up on DeepSource Cloud here and connect your VCS provider workspace (GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket) to DeepSource. Then you can enable DeepSource analysis on one of your repositories from the dashboard and invite your team members.

Once DeepSource is active on your repository, you can see the baseline report of issues on the repository’s dashboard on DeepSource. Every new pull request will be analyzed by DeepSource as well.

You can explore the pricing plans here: deepsource.io/pricing

I hope this helps!