GitLab pipelines are not being created

Update (June 7 2024): A fix has been released. If a pipeline already exists on a commit (user defined pipeline), DeepSource’s result are added as an external check to that pipeline; otherwise, a new pipeline is created.

On May 22 2024, GitLab released v17.0.1 with breaking API changes which wasn’t backward compatible, without any prior notice. Due to this, DeepSource integration isn’t able to create/set pipeline status of commits. We are working on a solution and will share an update shortly.

Meanwhile, if you are a GitLab user affected by this, please enable ‘Merge Request Comments’ in the Quality Gate of your repository and disable ‘Merge Request Status Checks’ (as shown in the screenshot below).


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Thanks for the information.
But how it works? Means how it make changes in workings.