Error while logging in with GitHub account


I am trying to login with my GitHub account but it gets stuck with " Logging you in… Please wait while we redirect you to the dashboard".
If I check the console I see the following error “Error: GraphQL error: The given email address is associated with another account”

I used to be able to login to DeepSource without problems, so maybe I had an account with my email instead of with github, but I cannot see that option anymore.

What should I do?


Could you let us know if the email ID attached to your GitHub and GitLab account are same or different? Also, are you trying to login via GitHub or GitLab?


Both accounts have the same primary email, but I am interested in using your product in GitHub, not Gitlab


Can you email us at with the following details:

  • your GitHub account name
  • your GitLab account name
  • the email id you use with GitLab and GitHub

I just sent you the details :slight_smile: