.deepsource.toml on multiple branches -> which one is active?

A question I did not find an answer in the docu for: .deepsource.toml is in source control, so if we fork off of main, then it is also on these branches. If changes are made to the config in one of these branches, which config gets applied? Is it only the one that is on the main branch? (if the default branch is set to main, that is)

Hey @Benjamin — that’s a great question! DeepSource looks for the .deepsource.toml as the source of truth for the analysis configuration on a branch. So if there are changes to the file on a branch compared to the default branch, you will see issues according to the changed file.

Please beware, however, that changes in the configuration file can potentially mess up with the baseline diffing, so there are high chances you’ll see more issues than just newly introduced ones on your branch.

We recommend changing the configuration file as a separate PR or directly on the default branch and rebasing all outstanding PRs with the latest default branch to avoid unintended results.