CircleCI breach: Regenerate DeepSource DSNs for your repositories

In light of the recent CircleCI breach, we strongly recommend that all users using CircleCI for their repositories regenerate their DSNs on DeepSource.

If you’re using Code Coverage on DeepSource, you require adding the DSN of a repository as a secret on your CI provider, such as CircleCI, to send the coverage report to DeepSource. The DSN is sensitive and must not be published. You can do this from the repository settings on the dashboard and through our public API.

To do this from your dashboard, go to your repository-level settings > Reporting > Data Source Name (DSN) + Click on the icon to generate a new DSN + Confirm.

To do this using the public API, we’ve added a new mutation for this: regenerateRepositoryDSN

Here is an example of how to regenerate a repository DSN for a given repository:

mutation ($input: RegenerateRepositoryDSNInput!) {
  regenerateRepositoryDSN(input: $input) {
variables = {
  "input": {
    "repositoryId": "VHJhbnNmb3JtZXI6bGp6a3d6"

Read the complete documentation here.