Bug with vue files

seems to be a bug where deepsource doesn’t recognize variables used in vue template

for example this file:

  <Story title="NeoNftCard">
    <Variant title="Nft Card">
      <NeoNftCard :nft="nft" prefix="rmrk" show-price />

<script lang="ts" setup>
import NeoNftCard from './NeoNftCard.vue'
const nft = {
  id: '1825819407-173',
  name: 'KoDragon#166',
  price: '20',
  sn: '173',
  collection: {
    id: '1825819407',
    name: 'KoDragons',

has this error report


Hey, it looks like our team is already in conversation with you in the support ticket you’ve opened. Any further conversation will happen in the same support ticket thread.