Vue, Flow, Accessibility - Improvements in the JavaScript analyzer

In order to increase the coverage of the JavaScript analyzer, we have expanded the JavaScript analyzer to check for quality issues in more JavaScript frameworks, dialects and plugins.


DeepSource JavaScript analyzer now checks for issues in your VueJS code, both the templates and the scripts. The analyzer for VueJS detects 126 types of issues, protecting your code from bug risks and antipatterns.

To enable checking for Vue, add it in your .deepsource.toml in the frameworks array in the meta table.

JSX accessibility

To design a better UI for users who have accessibility options, like screen readers, turned on, we now check your JSX code for 33 accessibility related issues, and recommend improving them.

JSX accessibility issues are detected in all your .jsx files, so no action is needed on your end to use it.

Flow dialect

We have also added support for Flow, a popular dialect of JavaScript. The Flow analyzer detects 38 types of issues in the code.

To use the Flow dialect, set dialect to "flow" in the meta table in your .deepsource.toml.

Sample configuration

A sample .deepsource.toml configuration to enable the new features:

name = "javascript"
enabled = true

  environment = ["browser"]
  plugins = ["vue"]
  dialect = "flow"