Azure DevOps Status Check

Hi there, I am just trying to evaluate DeepSource against our current implementation of SonarQube. One of the main features I am interested in is the pull request validation.

I have added my DevOps repo and the initial scan has ran and produced results. I have also enabled two Status Checks in the Azure DevOps branch policy “DeepSource: c#” and “DeepSource: JavaScript” however on the PR screen in DevOps it only displays “2 optional checks not yet run”. When I view the check, the status is stuck at “Waiting”.

Is there anything else I am missing to enable the status checks to run and to also have the new comments show up on the PR?


Hi @shawn — thank you for reaching out. Can you write to our support email address ( with the following details?

  • URL of your DeepSource workspace
  • Name of the repository you’re running the analysis on

We will take a look at your account and help you troubleshoot this!

Thanks, I just sent an email to the above address.