Release: RuboCop transformer

We have released RuboCop transformer for the Ruby programming language.

You can use this transformer to enforce consistent styling throughout your codebase, all of it without manual intervention. Every time a new PR is raised, we’ll run this transformer and send in a commit to the same PR with any potential fixes.

How to enable it?

You can enable it by adding the following in your .deepsource.toml file:

name = 'rubocop'
enabled = true

Missed our post on Transformers? Here’s a summary:

A DeepSource Transformer automatically ‘transforms’ all incoming source code in a repository with popular code auto-formatters (for e.g., black, gofmt, etc.).

For all repositories which have at least one transformer enabled in config, if:

  • A Pull/Merge Request is raised with the default branch as base, a transforming commit is added to that branch.
  • A commit is created on the default branch, DeepSource raises a Pull/Merge Request with transforming changes.

Release notes: Transformers: Automatically format all incoming code

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