Java 17 Support

As Java 17 is pretty much right around the corner with all the features pretty much written in stone I would like to ask already to support it, as I’m sure it will take quite a bit of time to actually implement it.
Reason that I want Java 17 specifically, is that it is the next LTS Version of Java that will probably be used by a lot of developers from now on.
This is specifically important for the Autofixes as I noticed that it can’t handle it when I use the new instanceof casting (e.g: object instanceof Cat cat where cat is now already a new variable.) and fails on the whole file

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Thank you for asking this question! This is a big priority for us and we’re currently working on supporting features introduced since Java 16. Some of the features such as sealed classes and records will take some more time but we will release support for instanceof pattern matching soon.


Cool, thanks for the quick response, I’m looking forward to the new Features :slightly_smiling_face: