Deepsource shows Analysis Halted tag even after generating results

Steps to reproduce the bug:

  1. Create a branch locally (say patch1) and add .deepsource.toml
  2. Push the changes to the repo
  3. Start deepsource analysis. It is now obvious that deepsource will look for the default branch (say master) for the initial analysis and hence will report with “Analysis Halted” tag
  4. Update the branch name from master to patch1 in settings
  5. deepsource analysis automatically begins as soon as it looks for .deepsource.toml file in patch1
  6. Results are flashed, however, the dashboard still shows “Analysis Halted” tag

Thanks for the letting us know and the detailed report @pnijhara. We’ve identified the issue and working on a fix.

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Update: We have rolled out a fix for this.

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