DeepSource Black Vs Python Black project

Hi, I am facing an issue with code formatting.

I am using python’s black formatter - Black 24.3.0 documentation in my local project.
While, deepsource provides it’s own black-transformer DeepSource: Automate Python code formatting with Black Transformer having version - v0.1.10.

This creates a problem whenever I push the data in my repo after formatting the whole project with black ., the deepsource transformer again formats the project…

How, can I solve this issue at once…, please help here.

Hey @Saatwik-Mehta!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
The version displayed in the directory was stale, and we have updated the page to reflect the latest version now.

We are also using Black 24.3.0 in our Transformer. Can you share the conflicts you have been facing?

Hi @srijan,

Thank you for clearing this out. I am going to update the project version locally, and will see if the deepsource Transformer again formats the files. This is one problem we have been facing from few months, constantly. I will update you within the same thread, if it happens again.