Can't get skipqc to work in my Java Code

I’ve tried a couple of times to use skipqc for intentional stuff that’s being marked as issue, but DeepSource seems to just ignore it.
The only examples I could find on how to signal it was for python code, so I adopted it for java in this way:

private void someMethod(int x) { //skipqc: JAVA-xxxx

or by adding it above:

//skipqc: JAVA-xxxx

but both of these keep showing up when merging new code into those classes, which is really inconvenient.
Any guidance you guys can give me?

Hey @aless2003 The keyword to skip running analysis is skipcq. In the code snippets above, it is mentioned as skipqc. Fixing this should skip analysis as expected.

…I really hope I miswrote that here, cause if not I’m just the worst reader I’ve seen. I’ll have to double check in the morning as I stopped programming for the day. If I was just stupid, I’m really sorry for opening this up :sweat_smile: